Sustainability Consultancy

It goes without saying that companies need to contribute to the sustainable development of contemporary industry and society as a whole. It’s easy to say, but not as easy to live up to. Not least given the constantly increasing pressure and expectations.

In order to successfully balance the requirements of the surrounding world you need courage and insight to prioritise. H&H’s Sustainability Affairs team has experience and expertise in every aspect of sustainability. If you are a Head of Sustainability or see sustainability as an important dimension of your own area, we can work together with you to build real substance packaged in an appetising way. In a complex world where voices from many different stakeholders make themselves heard, we can help you to choose and focus on the measures, initiatives and collaborations that will make the biggest difference.

H&H’s services in strategic sustainability consultancy include:

  • Stakeholder analysis and dialogue
  • Research and analysis, e.g. of stakeholders’ requirements and own readiness to fulfil these
  • Significance and risk analysis
  • Strategy and goal development with a focus on sustainable value creation
  • Design and implementation of codes of conduct and other policies
  • Guidance in frameworks for sustainability (SDG, UNGC, PRI, GRI, <IR>, etc.)
  • Structures and systems for monitoring and reporting sustainability work
  • Customised solutions

For further information, please contact: Åse Bäckström, Head of Sustainability Affairs

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