Risk and Crisis Management

Around 80 per cent of crises originate within their own company. If you make an effort to search, you will generally be able to find the majority of risks that can cause a serious crisis. A risk assessment, including a thorough inventory of reputational risks, is therefore the best way to vaccinate against crises. We conduct inventories and classifications of risks and proposes measures to minimise them.

Preparations for crisis situations should also include the establishment of an efficient crisis organisation. We have a system for this which also includes instrumental and easy-to-use crisis plans. The organisation is stress tested through simulations where we aim to get as close to a critical situation as possible. The weak spots in messages and routines that are uncovered can then be rectified in good time.

If a real crisis should occur, it is often the ability to communicate that determines how well you succeed in handling the crisis and how you are judged. If the worst should happen, H&H’s consultants can provide support in the form of operational crisis management from outside-looking-in perspective. This is often the key to quickly leading the company out of its crisis.

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