Annual and Sustainability Reports  

Hallvarsson & Halvarsson has been delivering financial reporting services since the beginning of 1995. This includes annual reports, sustainability reports and interim reports in both printed and digital formats. We can help you with everything from analysis, advice, ideas and concepts to scripts, project management, layout and technical production.

In addition to statutory sustainability reports in annual reports, the requirements to provide sustainability-related information to investors and other stakeholders are increasing. Sustainability has gone from being something companies could choose to disseminate to now being an expected, integral element of companies’ strategies and communications.

Regardless of whether a company opts to prepare a separate sustainability report or to include it as part of the annual report - or aims for integrated reporting - we are able to provide support and advice throughout the process. We can assist you with the concept development and structure of the sustainability report, inventory and description of corporate social responsibility and sustainability work, GAP analysis and can help to report in accordance with the requirements set out in the Accounting Act, the leading global guidelines (GRI) and the framework for integrated reporting (<IR>).

More and more companies are choosing to feature digital short versions of their annual reports on their websites. These provide a quick and attractive introduction to the annual report and the company, as well as offering the option to go into further depth. They often work as marketing tools for the annual report since they are easy to share via social media. H&H can produce both digital short versions and comprehensive digital annual reports.

For further information, please contact: Maria Hanell, Head of Financial Reporting or Åse Bäckström, Head of Sustainability Affairs

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